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Letter from Co-chairs

Born from Stolen by Smith, we are a student and alumni group advocating for systemic reform at the Smith School of Business, with a specific focus on the Commerce program. Through extensive research, our team has generated short-term, medium-term, and long-term recommendations to address equity concerns within the Smith community.

We honour the courage of those who have shared their stories on Stolen By Smith by using the qualitative data aggregated through the page as the foundation of our work. We have also engaged the Smith community by collecting their input on what demands they would like to see brought forward to administration.

This work is made possible by countless hours of labour from the Reform Smith team and the community that has supported this momentous change. This proposal does not merely represent this team but is the culmination of the input of thousands of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The creation of this proposal is a testimony to what we can accomplish when we work together. It’s imperative that we acknowledge our school’s history, prioritize the wellbeing of equity-seeking groups, and move forward together to enact the changes necessary to support our marginalized students.

We have seen too many empty words and performative measures, with no real commitment to change. We are determined to ensure this time will be different. Take time to read our proposal, sign, and help hold our school accountable; building a better Smith School of Business experience for all students.


Noor Rahemtulla (Comm ‘20)
Meena Waseem (Comm ‘23)

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